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Learn More about Carleton-Kirk Lodge Nursing Home


At Carleton-Kirk Lodge Nursing Home we offer individualized services and compassionate care that address our residents’ medical, social and restorative needs in an environment that maximizes freedom of choice while maintaining a feeling of dignity and a sense of integrity.

The History of Carleton - Kirk Lodge/Complex/Church
The Complex and Lodge were conceived after members of the Carleton Kirk United and West Side Kirk formed one congregation and became known as Carleton-Kirk United Church.

The congregation discovered there was a great need for a senior citizen housing. As the result, a 76-unit apartment for low-income seniors was opened in 1975.

Nine years later the 70-bed nursing home was opened to continue the cycle of care, with the first residents arriving in early February. The official grand opening took place on June 8, 1985.

Carleton-Kirk Lodge Nursing Home Mission Statement

With God's eternal love, we will enhance our residents' quality of life in all its aspects by providing care at the optimum level.

A typical day for Carleton-Kirk Lodge Nursing Home residents includes: 

8:00 - 9:30 AM


10:30 AM

Morning activity

12:00 PM


2:00 PM

Afternoon activity

3:00 PM

Refreshment cart

5:00 PM


6:30 PM

Evening entertainment (if offered)

7:30 PM

Evening refreshment cart


YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be informed of all that concerns you in the lodge and the community; to maintain contacts with the community; to be given answers to your questions and to transmit information. You also have the right to be provided information concerning consequences arising from your decisions pertaining to care and services which you accept to receive or to refuse; to know the employees who work at the lodge, and to be in a position to identify them with a specific service. You have the opportunity to be involved in an organization and to express your opinions, your criticisms and your suggestions in the framework of your life at the Lodge.


YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to be at home in the lodge, and to expect reasonable privacy; to have private conversations with persons of your choice and not to be interrupted during such conversations without valid reason; to own personal property and to be the only one to have access to it; to be alone if you wish, and to be allowed confidentiality concerning personal mail. You also have the right to organize your private space in the way you wish.

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